Brian Chism is One of US who will work FOR ALL OF US!

 • Will preserve District 27 Values, Proud-Pro Life, Pro 2nd Amendment

 • Work for the People NOT Frankforts Special Interests 

 • Support tax Fairness for our families, remove burdensome taxes on services

 • Operate with an open door policy to listen and hear YOUR views

 • Work together to get the job done for all of our families, regardless of party 

Standing Strong for our Veterans and Seniors

Serving in the American military is an act of sacrifice and patriotism. It is critical to support veterans’ needs upon their return to civilian life. Brian will work to ensure a good quality of life for all veterans including those in veterans’ nursing homes and will support programs for seniors including those that allow them to stay in their homes. Also, seniors have made our lives better for a lifetime. Brian will lead the charge to modernize Kentucky’s telemarketing laws to protect our seniors and all families.

Supporting Quality Public Education for all Students

Brian is dedicated to a quality education for all students in the 27th District as well as the Commonwealth. He supports full funding for public education, including well prepared teachers and support personnel, exceptional instruction materials and up to date technology.

Ensuring Access to Excellent Healthcare

Brian knows how important access to quality healthcare is, that is why he believes it’s a basic human right and will fight to ensure it is available to all Kentuckians. He will work to reduce premiums and drugs costs and help maintain Kentucky’s Medicaid program. When we don’t have to worry what happens when we become sick, we can focus on making our communities stronger together.

Working to get our Fair Share of the State Budget

Brian has a history of working with others to accomplish goals and will use his experience to get the 27th Districts fair share of the state budget. He will work with other Legislators and state officials to invest in our infrastructure to spur future growth and opportunity.

Supporting Workers, Small Businesses &  Farm Families

Brian has received numerous endorsements for his election as State Representative, including strong endorsements from labor groups that recognize his support for workers. He learned hard work and the challenges of running small businesses on his family farm as well as in his own small real estate business. Brian will support working families, small businesses & our hard-working farm families.

Creating and Attracting Good Paying Jobs

Brian knows it will take working with city, county and state officials as well as the Lincoln Trail Area Development District to bring new opportunities to our district. He believes we should showcase the resources we have in this district such as river access and reliable Internet access to bring new opportunities to our families. Brian Chism will work with others to get REAL RESULTS for us because he is one of US!

Vote by 6pm Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020

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Campaign Headquarters: 138 Broadway Street • Suite B • Brandenburg, KY • 40108 • 270-422-GO27