COVID-19 Outbreak



There are now confirmed cases of the Corona Virus in the 27th District. While this is concerning, we can all do our part to fight the spread of the virus. Some steps we all can take include staying at home, avoiding crowds/large gatherings, washing our hands, not traveling, only seeking medical care when its most necessary and practicing social distancing. If we all do our part, the sooner we can get back to normal activities.



Dear Neighbors:

The current health outbreak is very concerning. But we can all do our part to help. While there are no current cases of the virus in the 27th District, there are numerous cases in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I am sending thoughts and prayers to everyone affected.


​This spread has upended business, travel and our daily lives. It has also changed the campaign that we are running. With everyone's health and safety in mind, I have postponed all public events to help stop the spread of the virus. The health and safety of the public is far more important than any political campaign. 


​There are still many unknowns about this virus. If you or your loved ones are elderly or immune systems are compromised there's reason to be on alert. If you are healthy, it's important to practice good habits to protect those that are most vulnerable. 


If we all work together we can help slow and eventually stop the spread of COVID-19, and get back to normal life. Some of the recommended steps include:

  • Staying at home- If at all possible stay at home away from crowds of people.

  • Shop Smart- Only purchase needed items, don't hoard supplies. Consider ordering online and picking up.

  • Support local businesses who offer take out food options.

  • Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds with hot water.

  • If you show symptoms, (dry cough, fever, trouble breathing) contact medical care (Kentucky's Health Departments).

  • Visit the CDC website and Kentucky Department of Public health for updates and how to stay safe in your community.


Below you will find links to important resources, including the CDC, KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services and links to local school districts about feeding programs. These are unprecedented times, but with smart choices and decisions we can all do our part to help ensure everyone's safety. 


Thank You,


Helpful Links

Current Hotspots are available at:

Battletown Park, Battletown
Riverfront Amphitheater, Brandenburg - Closed due to water levels
Meade Olin Park, Brandenburg
Doe Valley Beaches
Doe Valley Pool
Doe Valley Campground


Temporary Hotspots are located in customer parking lots of our offices:

Brandenburg, Elizabethtown, Hardinsburg, Radcliff, Vine Grove

Look for the "BBTELConnect Hotspots" sign for best coverage. 


Campaign Headquarters: 138 Broadway Street • Suite B • Brandenburg, KY • 40108 • 270-422-GO27