Brian Chism is a Native of the 27th District

Dear Neighbor,

I was raised on my family’s farm here in Brandenburg, where my parents taught me the Golden Rule to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. I was brought up to help our neighbors when they are in need. But that's not happening in Frankfort. The voters in our district deserve a State Representative who respects our way of life and will work to help our neighbors. Our community is special; and I will work to ensure we preserve our rich history. 


I learned the agriculture life here, I was educated here in Meade County and graduated from Western Kentucky University. Farming is a passion of mine that has been passed down for many generations. I'll work to help our farm families and every family. I understand the importance of a diverse economy in this ever- changing world. My goal is to rebuild our community to ensure future prosperity for all our families.  


I ask for your support and vote.


Campaign Headquarters: 138 Broadway Street • Suite B • Brandenburg, KY • 40108 • 270-422-GO27